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is “A break in the clouds on the way to Goon Moor Campsite” from the Federation Peak series by talented Canberra photographer, Jason MacQueen.



My name is Joanna Baker. I’m a sixth-generation Tasmanian*, deeply attached to the place and very proud. I love everything about this magical island.


Do you find the title pretentious? It’s just that I really like the word rechercheand all it refers to. I’ve tried to explain that here. But I do wonder if it’s going to put people off. Oh well. You can always contact me.

There’s nothing all that heavy here, and definitely no sales pitch. The posts are pretty short. There are a few abstract ideas, but you can ignore those, unless you’re that way inclined. Mostly it’s just notes and thoughts — about places in Tasmania, about its nature, art, people, history — anything that might add texture and depth for you, during your visit to our beautiful island.

Of course, there’s really only one reason for doing a blog like this. It’s for me. I write murder mystery novels, and this is my way of examining why I choose to set them in Tasmania. It’s also a kind of tribute …  to a home that I love.

South Coast Walk, Tasmania, travel
South Cape Bay

I’m not going to run out of material, am I?

Let me see …

history, landscape, wilderness, breathtaking beauty, environmental damage, conflict, oceans, ruins, horror, violence, secrets, families …

… corruption, Antarctic light, exquisite literature, MONA, The Theatre Royal, Dark MOFO …

There are many, many things about Tasmania that make it a perfect setting for my books.

And love is only one of them.


* My great-great … and so on … grandfather, Thomas Moore Ikin, came to Hobart in 1813  (!)



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